Nakerah is an initiative to help newcomers find their way into cybersecurity. We provide mentorship and guidance to qualify candidates as security professionals and prepare them with the skills technical/non-technical required in today’s competitive market.

This initiative is mainly for those who can stand up by themselves and have the determination and persistence to start and continue the journey without giving up. We will help as much as we can, but we can do nothing if you are unwilling to commit and execute. 

If you are just starting,  we recommend staying away from vendor-related certificates such as Cisco/Microsoft because most of their content will focus on the product rather than the concept. Besides, it keeps changing because of their frequent product upgrades. Stick to vendor-neutral certificates such as SANS and Offensive Security.

Videos are meant to be a supportive element and should not be perceived as the only and primary channel through which you build your knowledge. Our job is to help you advance to the stage where you can produce your own content rather than being a consumer.

It does not matter which language you pick as long as it does the job. Generally speaking, there are three categories:

  •  Reversing and malware analysis -> Assembly & C.
  • Web Security – > PHP, HTML, MYSQL & JS.
  • Automation & DevOps -> Python.

 If you do not have a specific preference, we recommend starting with Python and stick to it until you feel comfortable. Do not try to learn multiple languages at the same time. It’s not about how many languages you know; it’s about what you can achieve with a single language.

Universities offer something called  Open Courseware, which are course lessons created at universities and published for free via the Internet. For example, EDX offers free python courses here. Google for “OpenCourseWare” and should find a lot of resources.

We built a program of 5 levels that you can join and start the journey. The program covers both the defensive and offensive sides of security. Each level has a set of requirements that you have to fulfill before applying for a practical exam. Once you pass the exam, you get access to the next level.

Linkedin is the best tool you can use to connect with professionals and grow your network. Remember, regardless of how competent you are; you still need to market yourself to get a job.  Please check out this tweet.
We also recommend utilizing Twitter but try to stay away from Facebook if you care about getting the highest return for the time you spend on the platform.

Do you want to get started?