Lesson 1 | Basic Buffer overflow and modifying arguments

I solve Overflow2 challenge on picoCTF which consist of two main objectives:
1)change the program's execution flow by overwriting the return address of main() with the flag function
2)modify the function's arguments to pass some sanity checks and get our flag
Neat! I have not watched the whole video but I can tell that the video has the following pros:
  • cool topic
  • clear audio
  • professional look.

If I would recommend something, it would be
  • maximizing the console window and using clear color for both font and background.
  • trying not to exceed 20 minutes in a single video.
  • consider providing a video series so that others can learn in an ordered manner. For example,:
  • Topic: Binary Exploitation
    • Lesson 1 bla bla
    • Lesson 2 bla bla
    • Lesson 3 bla bla
For each lesson, explain the topic first then apply what you explained on a practical example

Yusuf, thanks for the 1st video in this initiative.....with such quality, you raised the bar high for whatever will be added next.

Keep going...you got what it takes to create a remarkable content.
I'm gald my video has taken your liking!
I've released a second video yesterday with maximized terminal, bigger font and I've even edited out some of my blabbering.
Much thanks for the tips and i will make sure to apply all of them in my next video for sure @Eng.Nour !

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Let's Learn Binary Exploitation!
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