42 Windows Buffer Overflow & Bad chars - OSCP | Offensive Security Certified Professional

Exploit SyncBreeze service in Windows using Buffer Overflow and Discover bad Characters. Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) video series by Ahm...
Hello Eng : Limbo ,
i try use sync Breeze but should be registered unlock key ,
so if you have solution ,
this because i will try write script to do all steps ,
thank you
hi Eng : Limbo
first of all thank you for your help to get me out of the problem with sync Breeze license ;
this working well with new virtual machine
i did same like your video explanation but i get " bad request 400 code " with the fuzzing code
am tried so hared but not work well with me so i tried another way ,
i use python library requests to to send username and password this work fine so this
this the link github for the fuzzing am create it
and i finish the update Buffer_helper with full steps sync breeze exploit
this is link github Buffer_helper
thank you
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